Non-Profit Collaborative

The Non-Profit Collaborative will be held Saturday, June 30, 2018.

Time: 2:00 – 5:00pm

Non-Profit Session Organizing Committee:

  • Robin Boettcher, Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation
  • Amy Weinstein, A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Foundation

Join a dynamic group of non-profit organizations from around the globe to engage in lively, interactive sessions which will highlight partnership best practices within the pediatric cancer and international brain cancer communities. Participants will also have the opportunity to engage with world-class researchers in a meaningful way, with the aim of identifying opportunities to enhance research productivity through non-profit partnerships and alliances.



  • Amy Weinstein (Executive Director, A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Foundation)
  • Robin Boettcher (President and CEO Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation)

The Non-Profit Meet Up: Speed Networking
An energetic icebreaker for nonprofit representatives from organizations around the world. Meet, mingle and get to know each other during this fun-filled and fast-paced networking exercise.

Facilitated by Amy Weinstein (Executive Director, A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Foundation)

Serving Families – Closing the Gap
The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation presents findings from their National Community Health Needs Assessment. The assessment aims to define the nature and extent of the problems families face, detail existing gaps in services and resources, and identify the most impactful areas for investment.

Presented by Kathy Riley (National Director of Family Support, Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation)

Spotlighting Pediatric Brain Tumors in the Childhood Cancer World
Brain cancer, the #1 cause of cancer deaths in children, is on the radar for the entire pediatric cancer community. CAC2 strives to help the childhood cancer community by initiating greater levels of coordinated action that: (1) leverage the unique strengths of the members, (2) minimize waste of precious resources and expertise, and (3) drive better outcomes for patients and their families. The primary values underlying CAC2 are to put children and their families first and to support organizations active in the fight against childhood cancer.

Presented by: Vickie Buenger (President, CAC2)

Partnership Initiatives in the International Brain Tumor Community
IBTA represents concerns and issues across the globe for adult and pediatric brain tumor patients. Highlighting successful partnerships between individuals and non-profit organizations across the globe helps ensure that the community is leveraging resources and learnings to create a stronger and more productive environment for patient advocates.

Presented by: Kathy Oliver (Chair and Co-Director, International Brain Tumour Alliance)

Researcher + Non Profit = Progress
How can nonprofit organizations support the research community more effectively and what can researchers do to ensure that nonprofits are getting the information they need to provide funding and advocacy for research? Bring your curiosity to the session and ask your questions directly to the panel of experts: Angela Waanders (CHOP), Adam Resnick (Project Open/PNOC), Stefan Pfister (International Clinical Trials) and Barbara Jones (Quality of Life)

The Enlightened Non-Profit Partnership

  • Joan Slaughter (Exeuctive Director, Morgan Adams Foundation)
  • Amy Weinstein (Executive Director, A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Foundation)
  • Robin Boettcher (President and CEO Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation)