Invitation to Announce Open Early Phase Studies

Notice of open, or soon to be open, studies

As a service to the ISPNO attendees, we invite any group or institution with open, early phase clinical studies relevant to pediatric brain tumor patients to give a broad overview and contact information.

This should be in the form of 2 slides. No specific inclusions are mandated but consideration of the following details might be helpful

  • Which target population are being recruited, including information about tumor type, age and number of relapses allowable. For some studies detail of prior therapy exclusions might be appropriate
  • Very brief description of agent(s) being studied
  • Place(s) of study including country
  • Consortium information if this is a study from a cooperative group.
  • Contact information. This can include contact information and whether the PI or their representative is at the meeting and willing to discuss the trial in person.

The only absolute exclusion is that the slides cannot identify the sponsor of the study (due to CME regulations).

Slides must be submitted at least 7 days before the meeting, no later than Saturday, June 23, 2018. Files should be sent to Nick Foreman ( and copied to Linda Greer (

The slides will be shown in a continuous stream format at the break after the Early Phase Trials session on the Monday of the meeting. They will be repeated on the Monday Lunch Break.

Slides will be made available on request after the meeting ends.